Starting a new chapter...

Posted on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 @ 8:21am by Lieutenant JG Samuel Korso

Mission: USS Wakizashi - Tough Little Ship
Location: Runabout en route to USS Wakizashi, Solomon Bay Shipyards
Timeline: 10th December 2373

Sam picked up his freshly replicated Ginger Beer from the pad and walked over to join Ensign Kelani at the controls. Having received his new orders from Starfleet re-assigning him to the USS Wakizashi, Sam had found out that the Runabout Thames was due for refit at the same Shipyards and had managed to get Captain Wright to secure his passage on board with Ensign Tyr Kelani from Starbase 272.

The trip had so far been uneventful, although the Ensign had been full of questions, to begin with. With his time in Starfleet so far spent in what seemed to be an ever-growing cold war that seemed to be heating up more and more with each passing day, Sam was happy to respond to the young officer's enquiries. It made a nice change from some of the trips he'd had to make all by himself...and some of those were some damn long trips.

Sam took the co-pilot seat, having taken a turn earlier in the trip at piloting the Thames whilst the good Ensign took a rest break. With his drink secure, the Wakizashi's new Chief Operations Officer updated the PADD that he was working on during the trip.

"So, as we've been on this journey for the last several hours, can I ask what it is your working on, sir?" asked the unjoined Trill officer. Sam smiled as he put the PADD down for a second.

"Ah, that's simple, this is my to-do list for once I'm on board the Wakizashi," Sam explained. "Admiral Lomar kind enough to provide me with a report of where the Wakizashi is with her buildup to prelaunch so far. This way I can arrive and be prepared to get to work as soon as possible."

Tyr smiled as he took Sam's answer. "A Senior officer that's prepared before he arrives at his next assignment, imagine that," he answered in mock surprise. "It's not often you find many of those in the fleet."

Sam took a sip of the fizzing Ginger Beer. It felt good to have a sip of his favourite drink again, something he saved for only special occasions or for times of relaxation. "You know, some of us Senior officers try to be organised, especially the ones from both Operations and Engineering, seeing as we have such amazing reputations ahead of us already."

Sam put the PADD down and looked over the console. "How far away are we?" he asked, resisting the urge to ask "Are we there yet?" to his colleague.

Kelani looked down at the console and smiled. "We're about several minutes away now, I'm just about to contact the shipyards to let them know we're en route to our final destination," he reported. Opening hailing frequencies, Kelani made contact with the Shipyards Operations team. "This is the Federation Runabout Thames calling Solomon Bay Shipyard Operations, please come in," he requested.

Jacen nodded as their message was received and they received a response back. "This is Commander McGregor, Thames, go ahead."

"This is Ensign Kelani from Starbase 272, transporting the new Chief Operations Officer to the Wakizashi and bring the Thames in for its scheduled refit, awaiting instructions, " Kelani answered. Sam nodded quietly to himself at the efficiency of the young officer, making sure that all of the boxes were ticked.

"Ah, good, you're ahead of schedule Ensign, we weren't expecting you for another hour or so, you've made good time. I have Lieutenant Korso expected on the Wakizashi. I'll notify them of your arrival. Go ahead and drop him off first and then bring the Thames to docking bay 34. We can handle things from there." Kelani typed in a course correction for the Sutherland and moved the Runabout to a new course.

"Understood Commander, Thames out," he answered before looking at Sam. "So, the Wakizashi? you never mentioned it was that you were signing up on one of the newest classes of Federation Starship... I thought you were headed for some outdated Excelsior-class starship, sir," he responded kindly.

Sam fought back a smile. "Careful Ensign, you might not make it to Lieutenant," he mocked. "Besides I've served on an Excelsior Class prior to this assignment and to be honest, they feel like a second home to me. I was on the Valley Forge." He updated his PADD with another job before taking another sip of ginger beer and enjoying its moreish taste.

"Is that the same Valley Forge that's been on patrol duty in the Badlands?" Kelani asked and when Sam looked up, he could see a giddy schoolboy look in the unjoined Trill officers eyes. He admired that look, several years ago, Sam would have had the same look as well.

"The very same. With the recent emergence of the Borg and their renewed efforts in Sector 001 as well as the growing threat of the Cardassians and the Dominion, Starfleet is increasing its presence with newer classes of vessel to meet the new challenges posed and needs good officers on starships. The Wakizashi carries the honour of being one of the newer Sabre class starships to go into service. Any enemy vessel should think twice about engaging her..." he explained.

"I've heard murmurings about the Dominion, especially since it was made public that the Cardassians joined their ranks and none of them are good. I wish you the best of luck sir if that's where you're headed," Tyr responded, noting that the Wakizashi was coming up on their starboard side. "Here she is."

Kelani guided the Runabout on its delicate course between the various docks to find the drydock that the Wakizashi was located in and set a course for one of the shuttle bays. As they approached, Sam opened a channel.

"Wakizashi, this is the Runabout Thames on approach, carrying Lt. Korso for drop off, please acknowledge," he requested. A Few moments later, he received an answer back from the Operations Officer, an Ensign Thal.

"Go ahead Thames, this is Wakizashi Operations, your cleared for landing in shuttle bay two," he responded. Sam smiled as he sat back in his seat and finished his drink. He admired the view as Kelani steered the Runabout to its destination.

"She's a beauty, an absolute chariot to the stars, don't you think?" Sam asked his colleague. Kelani smiled before answering.

"Oh I don't know, I prefer the Defiant Class myself... If I get re-assigned, I'd love to serve on one of those ships know, the newer feel and all that," he answered. "We're coming in to land sir."

Sam sat tight as the Ensign brought them on and put the Runabout on the deck with a smooth landing. Sam got up from his seat and went to collect his bags from the aft section. Once he came back through, he put on the deck before heading over to the Ensign. "Well, never miss the chance to serve on a classic... Thank for the lift, Ensign, its much appreciated," he said, shaking hands with him.

"It's my pleasure to play chauffeur, sir, always happy to help out a fellow officer and get off the station every now and then," Kelani responded. He sat back down in the pilot's seat as Sam disembarked and left the Runabout. He headed across the shuttle deck and headed for the nearest turbolift, already sensing a level of calm and that homely feeling.

Once he entered the turbolift and called for his deck, Sam stood for a moment with both of his bags around wondering how he had accumulated so little to bring with him for his new assignment. Hearing his PADD beep for attention, Sam made his way out of the turbolift and headed for his quarters. Once inside he set down his bags and pulled out his PADD.

Whilst enjoying some R&R time on Starbase 272, Sam had taken the time to keep in touch with a friend of his serving on the frontline, Lt Will Morgan, serving on the Lexington. Sam had managed to keep in contact with Will for a good while, but of late, his comm messages to his friend weren't being received and he was concerned that there was something happening out there.

Once in his quarters, Sam ordered a drink from the replicator, knowing that soon he would need to check in with the Chief Medical Officer and then met with Captain T'ssarra... A new adventure awaited him on board the USS Wakizashi.