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Lieutenant JG Samuel Korso

Name Samuel Joseph Korso

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 26

Physical Appearance

Height 6ft 2inches
Weight 180lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Samuel is of an athletic build and keeps himself in shape. With his brown hair and blue eyes, he is often a charmer. Samuel is a clean shaven man who believes that in his position he should follow the example set by his senior and superior officers. He is a Tall slightly muscular man who keeps himself in trim and in good athletic shape. He has no distinguishing features or scars, however he can often let his hair grow at times.


Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Father Joseph Samuel Korso (Captain, USS Juno)
Mother Elsa Marie Korso
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family N/A

Personality & Traits

General Overview Samuel is a good-natured man with a great sense of humour and a knack for picking up on tactical strategies, how they work and how to defeat them but also with the most inventive way possible, keeping within the rules. When it comes to his work, Samuel is very committed to doing his job and one day hopes to be in the Captains Chair, although he is well aware of the job he needs to do to get there.

Samuel enjoys his time aboard when serving on duty and loves working with the crew. In his spare time, he enjoys practising his hobby of Archery. He also enjoys spending time on the Holodeck researching and enjoying re-enactments of famous Starfleet Military encounters and often has a go himself. He also enjoys reading science fiction stories and taking part in science fiction Holonovels.
Strengths & Weaknesses Samuel's strengths lay in his ability to analyse a problem and try to solve it there and then in the quickest most efficient way possible. However he can also get over-excited when trying to apply himself because his has plenty of enthusiasm. He is a team player and can also step up to lead personnel and others if the call is made. When things are going well, he can feel confident and sure in his abilities and this gives him a drive to succeed in his work.

His weaknesses lie in when he is confronted with a situation that seemingly holds "no way out" or no resolution to it as he can find this difficult when faced with a Pressure situation. He feels helpless at times in these situations and often suffers a lack of confidence if he feels that there is the possibility he could fail in the resolving the situation, putting the lives of others in danger. It often reminds him that there are no win situations that have to be faced.
Ambitions Samuel wants to progress through the ranks to one day make it to Command. He understands that sitting in the Captain's Chair one day will happen but that it will take a lot of hard work and learning during his career. He has the drive and will to work hard to earn himself a Senior Officer position on board.
Hobbies & Interests Samuel enjoys his hobby of Archery and also enjoys spending time on the Holodeck researching and enjoying re-enactments of famous Starfleet Military encounters and often has a go himself. He also enjoys reading science fiction stories.

Personal History Samuel was an average child at school, although his hard work and perseverance were noted in each school year. He left all the schools he went to with good scores. Samuel's course was always one set for the stars and he knew that to get there he would have to do his best.

After School and his education, Samuel had decided the career he wanted before he was given an option to choose. To join Starfleet.

Due to the fact that his father is a successful Commanding Officer, this now made him more determined than ever to do his best and succeed in getting into Starfleet and go as far as he could, however, he knew that he would have to work hard. Understanding his son's drive and determination to follow in the family tradition, Captain Korso agreed with his son's wish to join Starfleet after completing his education.

Samuel went on to learn about Engineering, showing the knack of wanting to know how it worked and if it worked how it could work better. He also spent time researching the battles and engagements that the Federation had gone through, improving his own tactical knowledge, in some way looking to be more prepared and ready should he ever get a chance to face against a formidable enemy that threatened him, his family or anyone else he felt close to. With his father's blessing, Samuel applied for Starfleet Academy and joined in 2366.
Service Record Samuel performed well at the academy and showed promise early on in his first year, with his interest in Starship/Starbase Operations, so he chose both Operations and Engineering as his courses to pursue.

His tutors were impressed by his knowledge and speed of learning when it came to learning about new and current starship classes, how they worked and also how their Engineering and Operations took place. When it came to Sam choosing his path, he was recommended that his talents would be best served on board a starship

Whilst in his final year at the Academy, Sam lost several friends that had graduated previously and were serving aboard starships at Wolf 359. This drove him on to succeed further in their honour.

Graduating from Starfleet Academy in 2370, Samuel was commissioned an Ensign and given an Engineering post on board the Excelsior Class USS Valley Forge, serving as a deputy to the ships Chief Engineer.

Assigned to the Bajoran sector, the Valley Forge was involved in various patrol duties along the recently established Demilitarized Zone with some Federation worlds being ceded to the Cardassians. Sam was heavily involved with upgrades to the Valley Forge after it turned out the older starship was disadvantaged in combat against the Maquis fighters.

With the discovery of the Dominion in 2371, the Valley Forge was assigned to the Bajoran Sector full time, with patrols that included protection duty for Deep Space Nine. Sam learnt a lot from the Engineering teams from the station as they worked to bring the Excelsior class starship up to required specs.

He saw more action in the DMZ as the Maquis grew their presence in the area and after spending a year on board, he was given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer when Lt Melo was killed in an explosion in a Jeffries Tube during combat.

With word getting out about the USS Odyssey being destroyed in combat against the Jem'Hadar, Sam started improving his phaser training and also began to take an interest in Security and tactical on board. Life on board became more interesting when the Klingons decided to invade Cardassia and for the next 12 months, the Valley Forge saw various instances of combat against Klingon vessels just outside the Bajoran Sector.

Starfleet was on the defensive after suffering at the hands of a new Borg attack in Sector 001 and Sam soon found that more experienced officers on board were being assigned to other starships in the fleet. He found himself assuming the Chief Operations post on board and was learning a lot about combat against the Jem'Hadar and also about being a Senior Officer.

With the Valley Forge damaged in combat on the border, the starship returned to DS9 for further repairs. Whilst there, Sam learned of one of the new Sabre Class starships, the USS Wakizashi looking for experienced officers. He applied for the position of Chief Operations Officer...

Service History:

2370 - 2373: USS Valley Forge.

2373 - Present: USS Wakizashi.