Welcome to the USS Wakizashi!

Welcome to the Dominion War Game, which will see the players being headquartered aboard the newly launched Saber-class starship, USS Wakizashi. However, this game will not limit the players to simply creating a character on another starship.

This game is not just another Star Trek Starship Role-Playing Game. In fact, for this game we will have something of a unique and creative take that should allow the players to explore multiple combat aspects of the Dominion War, as presented both in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and the Star Trek Expanded Universe as seen in various novels and other media formats.

Our unique premise of the game is that the players will create three characters for three different sub-games, of which the USS Wakizashi is one aspect.

This probably sounds complicated, so here’s the explanation.

The game itself will focus around the Dominion War from just prior to the outbreak of the War all the way through to the Fall of Cardassia.

Within that overall event and contextual framework, players will create characters to explore all the major military facets of the war.

USS Wakizashi is the first facet of our game, it's the classing main Fleet focused game. Stories and missions will focus around the Saber-Class Starship USS Wakizashi, the flagship of our game and our public face. Going through the War from the perspective of a smaller ship will be more interesting rather than looking at it from the perspective of one of the larger, more combat capable, ships. It provides greater mission flexibility for us to dart here, there, and everywhere around the areas where we find combat.

So, the players will create an appropriate Fleet Character.

The second facet of our game will focus around the Seventh Fighter Squadron of Starfleet's First Combat Group of the First Combat Wing. That's a mouthful, the squadron is colloquially referred to as "L'san's Lions" and, clearly, will deal with Starfighter Command within the greater Starfleet Organization.

We know fighters were used in various engagements during the Dominion War, therefore this is clearly something that can be explored and provides a different look at the conflict.

So, the players will need to create a pilot and/or squadron support character.

Finally, our last facet will focus around the ground war, specifically Special Operations and Recon. That brings us to Bravo Platoon of the Second Company of the First Starfleet Marine Expeditionary Force. Facet 3 will deal with the Marine Command.

They’ll cover primarily small scale, Special Operations types of missions. Intel gathering, assassination, and so on. This will provide a ground war look at and exploration of the Dominion War, a different kind of feel.

So, players will need to create a Marine (or the rare Fleet) character to take part in the Recon Unit.

Each of our missions/stories will run all three facets at the same time. We are going to keep a reasonably sedate pace, this game is a marathon and not a short sprint.

People all have private lives after all.

We do have a Discord for players to congregate and chat with one another. The PM system within Nova can also be used by the players.

Additionally, sometimes the various groups will cross paths. The Wakizashi may handle an insertion or exfiltration for the Marines from time to time. L'san's Lions may be called on for close support of the Marines. The Marines might be used to rescue captured pilots. They all might run into each other on shore leave. Those are, of course, just a few random examples.

This game, therefore, will give players the chance to fully explore the Dominion War from start to finish.

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» New Players

Posted on Thu Jul 4th, 2019 @ 3:08am by Lieutenant Commander J'orrn T'ssarra in General News

Ok, we have lots of new players since we're a new game...

But, the newest are Sean as the pilot of Lion 5, Mario "Beans" Pinto.

And Emily, as our recurring Vice Admiral in at the head of Starfighter Command, Jessica "Hydra" Gardener. Emily has also offered to come up with a skin for the site, so be sure to thank her for that!


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» Starting a new chapter...

Mission: USS Wakizashi - Tough Little Ship
Posted on Sat Aug 3rd, 2019 @ 8:21am by Lieutenant JG Samuel Korso

Sam picked up his freshly replicated Ginger Beer from the pad and walked over to join Ensign Kelani at the controls. Having received his new orders from Starfleet re-assigning him to the USS Wakizashi, Sam had found out that the Runabout Thames was due for refit at the same Shipyards…